Mar 3, 2004

todaii was fCaT...yucky.... well it was easy and boring as hell.... we sat there for three hours doing nothing ..... and we all chilled todaii at lunch that was funn...... and last nite we went to this church thingy and we were leaving pritty late so we went to GuStO's to go eat... well this Old druGgy guy was walking around....he was rilly crAZy, he was offering pillz and shyt, and then he pOpped sum pillz and then started drinking.... esto era un show for real... and then the lady playing poOl with her man kept walking away from him and then he was hitting on her and her man was getting pissed well then they got him kicked out and he was walking around outside.... and the he was trying to get on his bike however he was so drunk he could hardly stand up and then we were leaving and he tried to grabbed nelsOn and hes like get off of me.. and then he continued trying to get his bike and then he fell on the concrete and the manager called the cops.. well we ended up leaving and nelsOn blew his hOrn like a million times next to the guy... it was funny and im just glad the fcAt is Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChEcK oUt mY pIcZ

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Mar 1, 2004

well todaii was pritty good, i chilled with MaRiA (aka my babe magnet) today in lunch and we had a blast!... oye oye oye oye oye oye que guaperia! and we just kept making stupid comment when we were talkin to this this last friday i went to the movies with conchi and bOobiiz, we had a great time. we watched DiRtY dAnCiNg HaVaNa NiGhTs.....oh hell yea... it was awesome....and we were sitting next to a bunch of old people and the mom slaps the girl at one part and bOobiiz screams out BIATCHHHHH!!!!!! it was so funny..... and then the guy is all over the girl and there goes boobiiz screaming "rape is a crime booboo"! and the entire movie i was dancing and conchi is like stOp we had too much fun... and then sat. me and my mom and nelson and puchitO went bowlinh in HiA! woot woot.... and we were there until 12 sumthing comiendo meirda.... we had a good time..... JeSuS!........ fLy GiRl!..... giraffe!..... emmauel!...... yup the new old memoriez......well that bout it for todaii but tomorrow is fcAt suckz for me!!!!!!!.... but mine doesnt count hahahahahahahhahaa! lol

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Feb 26, 2004

lets see todaii was ok..... it could of been better but it was ok..... last nite i went to see the passion of the christ, it was awesome but it was rilly graphic... they showed everything it was disturbing... and we all cried like crazy and sum lady poured her coke on another lady... that was funny... and lets see todaii was boring and we have fcat next week..ahhhhhhhhhhhh. but any ways my grandma told me that my five year old brother that is pre-k told his teacher that there was a seperation between the blacks and whites in 1924, lol and that it was wrong... let me tell you that boii is too much for himself...hes a lil genius... the teachers love him and say that he brings joy into the classroom.....(just like his sister lol) and that he got his lil progress report and the teachers said hes rilly smart and is intellectual.... yup dats my brother for you..... just thought i should share that with you.. and ive been bothering my mom bout taking me to Italy so shes gonna make arrangements to see if we can go ! yay! im so excited, ive been wanting to go so bad.... well hopefully i get to go.....gotta go..... and kikas remember samba & kikas! (las bembonas)lol love ya..... smile :)

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Feb 19, 2004

todaii is thurdaii and also early release..... todaii we had to pick our classes for next year... and i had all six classes todaii, it was scary.... and we took pictures and KiKaS was super funny todaiiz, she did a bunch of funny poses...::hehe:: and todaii i named alex's man, cuz his name starts with an "E" ( and my moms friends mans name starts with an "E" so she called him elmo) so i like my mother thought eLmO was cute! so now hes known as eLmO! yay! and im gonna have mrs.higgins next year for civicz yay! i love her ! so yea todaii was pritty boring and it was fReEzInG this morning... hopefully its not that cold this weekend.... :) gotz to go! besos and abrazos.... sMiLeZ...

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Feb 17, 2004
iT's TuEsDaY

well todaii is tuesday and todaii was priitty good, two of my teachers weren't here and we all chilled and shyt..... so yea thats bout it for now.... smilez... oh and let me just share this with you .... GuYz ArE sTuPiD, bE sInGlE ... iT wOrKz... just a lil advise to my girlz... lol love yazzzzzzz...... CoN mUcHo AmOr......MwAaAhH... and dont for get to always sMiLe...

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Feb 14, 2004
Valentine's Daii

todaii is valentine's daii and it pritty much was boring as hell... i sat home all day and chilled with my uncle and talked on the phone with MoNo... (nene) and watched some tv.... yesterdaii was friidaii and krop's v-daii.. kristi (CoNcHi) sent me a rose and i sent her a rose and alex, sarah, massi & stephanie all sent eachother one so we would all have a rose... i also got two RoSeS from kenny (My RoMeO) and kristi also got roses from alex and sum guy in her espanol class... and it was a good daii but todaii completely suck..... my dad and g parents got back to day from NoRtH
cArOliNa and they got caught twice in a snow storm.... wich suxed but they all had a great time... i cant til i go this x-mas.... but yea todaii pritty much sucked the big one and i hope that the rest of the weekend it a lil bit better....on mondaii imm gonna spend the whole daii at the pool so ill get something good out of this weekend....:) love ya , and happy v-daii..................

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Jan 24, 2004
the grizzwalsz

well yesterday was just crazy.... my mom went to petsmart to get a new filter for the fish tank and when we came home she was cleaning out the water( our fish tank was disgusting) and she sat down next to me for 5 mintues to look at some pictures that gus sent me from my FIFTEENS and she turned around to look at the sink in her room and the whole house was flooding wit WATER..... there was water everywhere.. our apartment isnt all that big and let me tell you that our whole apartment was flooded with water.....we were looking for towels and blankets but let me tell you that it was horrible... but all we could do was laugh.... well we cleaned all the water and thank god our big screen didnt get messed up or our carpets in our rooms... but at least the fish tank is cleaner and so is our yesterday was AMY'S bday party ..srry ma i couldnt go, i didnt have a ride.... and jazi sed they had fun and that the guys were lightening their shoes on fire... dont ask cuz i dont even know why... but anyways yesterday was a pritty crazy day for everyone..... love yaz besos :)

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Jan 16, 2004

well todaii is fridaii thank god... yesterdaii my FAMILY came over and they sang me happy bday and cut me a small cake n shyt... and CHRIS sent me flowers :) thanx papi you made my daii ... and we had a good nite yesterdaii and todaii i had midterms uggghhh........ and todaii went by rilly fast and kristi wasnt here todaii... and massi n me have had our lil guy tramas and stuff but girl you can move on his an idiot.... and yea todaii wasnt so different from any other daii and tonite i think imma go to a party at alex'z house and imma chill hopefully sum of my frends will show up.... but anyways brigettes bday is in 5 daiis and her and jeremy are becoming closer (the whole argument thing worked out ...) and so we are all happy and i went to her house and added to the graffitti on the walls.... and she fed me lol... and she played the piano for me n puchito and stuff and jeremys mom is surprising jeremy and jack and shes gonna go pick brig to go to the circus with them for jacks bday! how cute jeremys gonna like that... but yea gotaa go kizzes loove you.................

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Jan 14, 2004
just another daii

well today was pritty crappy but it was iight... i had my boring classes but w/e .... n i think i failed the first half of my mid-term... and this morning massi was sittin on top of me cuz we were warmin eachother up and alex came up and that that i was a guy and she was like massi i swore you were sittin wit a guy and shyt we all started laughing... it was freezzing this morning too so we were all tryin to cuddle up... and then that faget dwain got in trouble wit mrs. higgins it was funny he tries to act all hard n shyt.. but w/e and then i went to to history n i saw CONCHI.... n then i came home and im dead tired... and there isnt a single thing to eat here except for rice and beans n stuff..  :) and then i came home and talked to sum ppl ( you know who u r ) and chatted for a bit .... and TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! im so excited 15 ... finally! yay!
                                                                              well i gotz to go ,
                                                                                       besos amor :)

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Jan 12, 2004

well it all started on saturday....
   the tension was building up like crazy... my mom was goin crazy wit my fifteens... well we all went to the fifteens practices wit barbie and chilled there and my dada went and he was making everyone then everyone went home and and me and the gurls were waiting for my mom and nelson and barbie and we were starving ... oh and then GEORGY came down from cali at like 6 in the morning... and then came sundaii... we woke up at like 7 on saturday and we went to EINSTEIN BAGELS and got coffee.. n it was freezing in the morning... and then wew ent to pick up CONCHI and MA$$I n ADRI. well then we drove them to hia to titi house to get their hair done and when we got there CHICHI was running away from me lol... and then me, kristi, adri, n massi walked to the corner thinkin that these hi skoo boiiz were playin football and it turned out that these were all old guys and they ended up staring at us and then we ran.. so i went with my mom to go get the dresses and from there we went to church... we had a good time and from there we went to the house to pick up the decorations and stuff and we were all off to the SIGNATURE GRAND... and so they all decorated and ppl started to get there and i was dressed and had my make up on the lady was late with doin the gurls hair and titi was late with all the girls and it all seemed like a diaster... welll we ended up being an hour late... and the dresses didnt fit the girls so they all had to switch wit eachother... but when the guys saw me they were all like you look so beautiful.... and so we all danced and had a great time and i took so many pictures that i wasnt hungry any more and then we all had a then we all danced the nite away n got in trouble a couple times but it was str8 and BOOBIIZ came! yay we all had a great time even tho we had our lil probz.. and all the guys thought melly was HOT! lol  melly if u need their #'s i got them.. i cant wait for my picz and dvd!
thanx for coming and enjoyin ma party wit me....

                                                                                        love yaz :)

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